HirokiTee.jpgHiroki Tee

Born in da chemical-chemistry-electrikk-womb of za east downtown of Tokyo.

Disco / New Wave DJ in Tokyo 1984-1988

Music composing, programing, remixing activities based on Tokyo, JAPAN and Brooklyn, NY, USA


Hiroki Tee こと本名:津久井広樹は東京下町ケミカル母体の胎内に生を受ける。

都内港区の某デスコ地区にてDisco / New Wave時代のDJを経験。

米国NY州、Institue of Audio Research 校を卒業後、Brooklyn区にて作曲活動開始、現在は東京にて活動中。


Official HP: http://www.hiroki-tee.com/

Track1: Astro Maniac (from Album "Astro Maniac")   Hiroki Tee - Astro Maniac - Astro Maniac (Timeless Comfort)
Track2: Lovely Module 212 (from Album "Music for the Amorphous Planet")   Hiroki Tee - Music for the Amorphous Planet - EP - Lovely Module 212 (Radical Bedroom)
Track3: Tokyo Autobahn (from Album "Tokyo Autobahn")   Hiroki Tee - Tokyo Autobahn: Tribute to Kraftwerk - Tokyo Autobahn
Track4: Morning Mist Ver.1.1 (from Album "Music for the Aeropolis")   Hiroki Tee - Music for the Aeropolis - Morning Mist Ver.1.1
Track5: Liquid Sky (from Album "Music for the Aeropolis")   Hiroki Tee - Music for the Aeropolis - Liquid Sky
Track6: Insomnia Lounge (from Album "Music for the Cyber Lounge")   Hiroki Tee - Music for the Cyber Lounge - EP - Insomnia Lounge (Tokyo Urban Instrumental)
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